• PYLON S.A. is an Engineering and Infrastructures company founded in 1998 as a result of a long history in the domain of public and infrastructure works. The owners continue the effort that started by Mr. Constantinos Gougas in 1965. The Gougas family remains the main stock owner of the company and is actively involved with the management. In the years since its creation the company is present and has already constructed and delivered projects in the domains of: Buildings, Roads, Hydraulic and environmental works as well as Electromechanical works in Greece and Western Europe.
  • In parallel, the company has activity in specialized fields of applications like: autonomous renewable energy systems (photovoltaics and wind systems) having designed and constructed the second biggest PV system in Southern Europe (Kavala, Greece). The company has fabricated specialized equipment (like a rotating platform for an axion telescope at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland and mechanical constructions for the Hellenic Public Power Company S.A.). In addition, the company is certified by the Hellenic Atomic Energy Commission (H.A.E.C) for removal and temporary storage of radioactive waiste and sources.
  • The long experience of its members and collaborators, the dedication and the innovative spirit guarantee the successful completion of all projects that the company undertakes.
The company is collaborating with the following banks and establishments:
EFG Eurobank S.A. , Alpha Bank S.A. , Geniki-Societe General Bank S.A.,Omega Bank S.A., The Engineers and Contractors Fund (TSMEDE) .The company has a total lending capability of 5.000.000 euro

HEADQUARTERS : Akademias 27Α, 106 71 Athens
HEADOFFICE : Ippodamou 24, 116 35 Athens

phones : (+30) 21-075.20.620 -1 & 21-075.20.853 -4 & 21-075.20.244 Fax: (+30) 21-075.20.245

e-mail: info@pylon-engineering.com

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